Annunciator Panels

New UV Printed Annunciator Panels When it comes to public safety, clear, concise and accurate information is paramount. Therefore in response to this urgent need, QED has now made available its NEW fully customized and approved UV-color printed annunciator panels.

Why UV vs. conventional inks?

Faster turnaround – UV ink dries virtually immediately as opposed to conventional ink which takes longer, requiring evaporation to dry.

Environmentally safer – Because UV ink contains no solvents (thus no evaporation), 100% of the ink is used which produces lower toxic emissions released in the air unlike solvent-based inks.

Conditions resistant – Whether indoor or out, these UV panels are ideal for long term use and are highly resistant against fading, scratches, and inclement weather.

Cost-effective – Indeed time is money. When choosing UV printed panels, our workforce and production time is drastically reduced, which results in increased efficiencies and quicker product deliverables to our clients.

Versatility – QED panels can easily be removed and replaced, reflecting newer information and/or upgrade changes.  And, replacing your older versions has never been easier!

So contact QED now for unmatched precision quality, gradient tones, and ultra fine text for all of your panel layouts – and start saving!